Aliska Brown and Equanda Wearing

Georgetown County School District Recognizes Two EPI Center Completers at Recent Board Meeting

Aliska Brown and Equanda Wearing were recently recognized by the Board of Trustees of Georgetown County School District. Brown and Wearing completed Pathway 3 offered by the Voorhees Center of Excellence for Educator Preparation and Innovation (EPI Center). Pathway 3, the Voorhees Network for Enhanced Teaching Program or V-NET, allows non-certified candidates with a bachelor’s degree to enroll in a paid eleven-month residency program to become a certified educator and earn a master’s degree. The V-NET program utilizes a residency model that allows candidates to learn under the guidance of an accomplished K-12 teacher.

Aliska Brown started her career working as a substitute teacher. She progressed to being a school bus driver as well as working in several clerical positions. She is now working as a second grade teacher at Brown’s Ferry School of Creative and Performing Arts.

The residency afforded Equanda Wearing the opportunity to return to her alma mater where she received an undergraduate degree in Biology. From serving as a temporary employee to an administrative assistant, Wearing is now working as an eighth grade Mathematics teacher at Rosemary Middle School.

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