Administrative Coordinator

Ms. Alicia Smith


Alicia Smith is the administrative coordinator for EIR-IMPACT (Education Innovation and Research-Improvement Science Propels Achievement and Critical Thinking) at the Center of Excellence for Educator Preparation and Innovation at Voorhees University (EPI). She began her career in higher education in 2016, serving as an adjunct instructor of English, administrative assistant, and writing tutor at Limestone University in Gaffney, S.C. In 2023, she joined the EPI team to provide administrative support to IMPACT Pathway fellows as they complete an 11-month residency to improve their instructional practices.  

During her time at Limestone, Ms. Smith maintained and updated student records for education majors and students enrolled in education courses in both hard copy and digital format; tracked student matriculation throughout the program; constructed assignments, rubrics, courses, surveys, and state-required reports to distribute to faculty, students, and stakeholders in LiveText, an online e-portfolio and assessment management application. She served as a resource to music faculty for online instruction, OneDrive, LiveText, and South Carolina Department of Education Policies.

Her duties as an adjunct instructor included instructing students on how to write and edit well-developed, collegiate-level essays and identify and analyze main ideas, vocabulary, and supporting details of text through various reading strategies. She evaluated grades and student performances based on class participation, in-class assignments and discussions, and students’ ability to read and write various genres of texts. She also developed syllabi that meet both departmental and institutional standards.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a writing concentration and a minor in business administration from Limestone College, and a Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Georgia. 

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