Clinical Faculty Advisor

Dr. Jennifer Logan


Dr. Jennifer Logan is a Clinical Faculty Advisor, who provides IMPACT fellows (Improvement Science Propels Achievement and Critical Thinking), enrolled at the Center of Excellence for Educator Preparation and Innovation at Voorhees University (EPI) with research and writing support; assistance with meeting programmatic objectives; and support fellows’ authorship and data dissemination concerning their mastery and implementation of the Learning to Improve (Improvement Science) Framework. Dr. Logan is also engaged in research support for Dr. Tondaleya Jackson, EPI Program Director; the facilitation of educator recruitment initiatives; and the development of professional learning opportunities for fellows, faculty, and staff.  

Dr. Logan has additional experience in higher education. She served at Benedict College as an Administrative Assistant for the Office of Academic Advising and as a Writing Specialist and Coordinator of the collegiate writing lab. Dr. Logan’s passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion in K-12 education is evidenced by her doctorate dissertation, Teaching Global Competency? An Evaluation of Course Learning Outcomes Across Disparate American Teacher Education Programs. Dr. Logan developed an assessment tool to evaluate whether undergraduate teacher preparation programs are teaching global competency. Although these programs emphasize teaching global competency, evidentiary data indicated curriculum dissonance because global competency domains were not consistently and holistically integrated. For fifteen years, Dr. Logan served in varied human service capacities, such as the Governor’s Office of Continuum of Care for Children and Youth with Emotional and Behavioral and the South Carolina Department of Social Services in Dorchester and Charleston counties.  

Dr. Logan enjoys writing; is a patron of the arts; loves biographies and documentaries; and engages in daily exercise, travel, and outdoor sports. Dr. Logan’s philosophy is that one should measure the wealth of a good life based on one’s faith, the love of family and friends, and living out one’s purpose in life despite the naysayers and the pangs of life’s trials and tribulations. In 2023, Dr. Logan and her daughter authored and illustrated, The Great I Am and the Five Wonders (, about a father who reconfigures epic battles between superheroes and villains to invent a faith-based epic about the Great I Am, who commissions five young people to embark on a quest to defeat the Seven Deadly Sins.  

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