Senior Clinical Faculty Advisor, Chicago SEED Advisory Board

Mr. Jesse Outen

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Mr. Jesse Outen is a Senior Clinical Faculty Advisor for the Center of Excellence for Educator Preparation and Innovation at Voorhees University. He coordinates with EPI Center staff to lead and support the development and implementation of projects that support teacher recruitment and effectiveness in South Carolina schools. He also fosters the advancement of the center’s mission through strategic collaborations with district and community partners. Mr. Outen assists leadership with student recruitment, program development/planning, training, and ongoing assessment, and evaluation. Among his many duties with the EPI Center, he oversees a team of virtual instructional coaches that support teachers directly in the classroom, serves as an advisory board member for the Chicago SEED project, and provides professional development when needed.

Before joining the EPI team, Mr. Outen was a Senior Manager of Brand Enablement and training at Blackbaud, Inc. in Charleston, South Carolina. He successfully provided education and training while data monitoring the customer journey experience to support brand governance as a member of the Global Marketing Team. Additionally, he was employed with Benedict College for five years, serving as their Director of Experiential Learning and Training where he helped implement provisions of the Career Pathways Initiative. He organized experiential learning opportunities for students and faculty, facilitated career readiness seminars for students, and delivered training sessions for students and faculty. He also collaborated with businesses and external partners on talent acquisition and student training and preparation.

Mr. Outen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs and a Master of Education in Divergent Learning from Columbia College.

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