Rewarding Educator Achievement and Performance Initiative

A new Teacher and School Leader Incentive Program grant provides the Center of Excellence for Educator Preparation and Innovation at Voorhees University with needed resources to improve student achievement in two South Carolina counties. The REAP, Rewarding Educator Achievement and Performance initiative aims to improve the quality of education, elevate educator effectiveness, raise student achievement, and increase equity in learning in Fairfield County School District and Georgetown County School District. In October 2023, the EPI Center received a $26.7 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to serve more than 850 teachers and nearly 11,000 students enrolled in 26 schools across both districts.

Two service tiers are being implemented through collaboration with Fairfield and Georgetown. The first tier will utilize a comprehensive, data-driven, Human Capital Management System to attract, retain, and reward educator effectiveness. The second tier will provide resources and support the continued professional growth of teachers and leaders in our partner school districts. The two tiers of service address talent management, modeling a high-quality evaluation plan, performance-based compensation, professional growth tracks, development of a principal network, instructional coaches for new teachers, and career ladders.

The EPI Center is committed to addressing educational equity and access issues in rural areas. REAP will help expand existing student improvement efforts in Fairfield and Georgetown.

Click on the e-book to learn more about REAP and the team members guiding this important work to increase student attainment of state academic performance standards, help close the achievement gap, and improve equity.

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